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Designed to futureproof against changes in research direction by adding value within the hardware and software design. Light is an indispensable horticultural production tool and a key factor in plant research. Bronson offers a wide range of state-of-the-art lighting products designed to meet the unique needs of plant growth and tissue culture researchers. With the LED research modules, you can decide for yourself how much red, blue and/or far red light you want at any given moment.


Bronson Climate is recognised for its Tailor made multi-functional walk-in climate rooms. The rooms are constructed to customer-specific sizes in new or existing buildings, therefore maximizing available space. In our climate rooms, temperature, air humidity, light intensity, airspeed, CO 2 and watering can be adjusted according to your need with great accuracy.

Temperature is a primary factor affecting the rate of plant development. Warmer temperatures expected with climate change and the potential for more extreme temperature events will impact plant productivity.
Since light is an important production tool for growers and a key factor in plant research, Bronson Climate has conducted several field tests together with horticultural firms and experts from the research community. These tests prove the versatility and cost-effective potential of LED solutions to optimize crop yield and quality.
Humidity plays a major role in plant growth, and it's effects are often underestimated or overlooked. To the right you will see the "tools of the trade" for controlling humidity the dehumidifier and the humidifier.




Bronson Climate sees Service & Preventive Maintenance, in addition to low power consumption, long service life, and minimization of fault notifications, as important cornerstones of a sustainable approach.



We provide a comprehensive array of consulting services, customized primary to research and development.

System Integration

Bronson climate offers tailor made building solutions to achieve smarter, more optimized and energy efficient buildings


Troubleshooting and first-line repair are performed remotely, via telemetrics, whenever possible. This eliminates the inconvenience of technician call-out, at all hours of the day, often accompanied by considerable expense. And as an additional benefit, this Bronson Climate concept means no additional environmental impact.

Remote access

The remote access technology enables you to control and monitor your climate system anywhere in the world. In addition, in the event of an emergency we can check the operating system if needed. In the event of a mechanical failure we can advise you, your technical department or will call in the assistance of our own service technician.


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